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We are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products

Hello Dear ,all the people can see it 
We are Eyelash Vendors, amd now we are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products
We are looking for a partner to promote our products. if you have anyone point you can contact with us .
1. if you have any many fans in the Youtube Channel ?
2. if you have any many follower in the instargam ?
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4. if you have so many firend to working for this busienss ?
l. I am very excited to write this blog is that we are very urgent need you help and . We want you to create a video about our product videos posted to you and increase access to our website. The amount, then we pay you the corresponding fee.
Our products 3D mink eyelashes
Our website
Our brand miis lashes
We very much hope that you can bring traffic to our website. What are the ways to work with you? How much does it cost to make and publish a promotional video?
I look forward to your contact with us ,  contact my Email :
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Have the eyes at least twice by eye liner and false mink eyelashes

Have The Eyes At Least Twice By Eye Liner And False Mink Eyelashes


The use of double makeup eye liner and false mink eyelashes make the eyes at least twice as large, l It is no longer difficult to become electric eye doll, Next editor will teach you how to draw big eye makeup, learn eye makeup skills can be done.

How to make your eyes more attractive, so that the eyes become bigger, as long as learning eye make-up skills you can get through, the focus of eye makeup is eye liner and eyelashes, as long as dealing with eye liner and eyelashes, The following small series can teach you how to draw large eye makeup.

STEP 1 Turn on the eyelids, Carefully fill the gap between the lashes with eyeliner deepen the outline of the eye so that the eyes look more significant.

STEP 2 Clip eyelashes divided into three sections, respectively, from the root, middle, eyelash curler grip lovely arc.

How To Have A Successful Wholesale Mink Lashes Business ?

STEP 3 Brush eyelashes central mascara vertical upward, brush inside and outside the corner of the eye to adjust the angle according to the shape of the eye, and finally use the Z-shaped brush method, make the eyelashes look thick and clear.

STEP 4 Eyelash short hair female is difficult to brush out the long curly eyelashes like a Barbie, this time the false mink eyelashes came in handy, with a clip sandwiched between the center of the false mink eyelashes, coated with glue, glue and other semi-dry You can begin to paste, paste false 3d mink eyelashes,  the first fixed middle, and then paste the ends.

STEP 5 While the glue is not dry, adjust the curvature of the eyelashes slightly by hand or clip is the key, neither hanging nor too warped, the natural curvature of the eyelashes can leave no trace.

STEP 6 If you want to make the eyes look more energy, bottom mink eyelashes is absolutely not a ignored part of the mascara brush will be able to easily pull out the thick under the eyelashes, in order to avoid painting the eyelashes, it will be painted under the eyelids, you can take a White paper and get the extra mascara off.Then through the eyeliner and eyelashes processing, you can master large of eye makeup skills tips.

Q: What is the best high-end popular quality eyelashes? How much Wholesale mink lashes ? Where can I buy this eyelash?

A: Experts strongly recommend to buy: MINK EYELASHES

Price: USD7.5 / Pair,

If you want to buy, please click to enter the site   to buy the popular high-quality MINK EYELASHES

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Star Demonstration: Select false eyelashes according to the type of eyes

Select 3D Mink Eyelashes According ToThe Type Of Eyes

Everyone’s eyes are not stereotyped, thus the makeup choices will be different. Today through five celebrities as a template, we will show five kinds of classic eye-type false eyelashes choice strategy.If you want to have bright eyes, it should be paid attention.

Actress representative: Elizabeth Olsen

The girls who owned Europe and the United States version of the deep double eyelid will take advantages in the make up, choosing the root of the transparent false eyelashes of false makeup is the most motivated, 100% Tie false 3D MINK eyelashes is master of disguise. In addition, the best choice when bonding transparent glue, eyelashes close to stick their roots.

Actress representative: Felicity Jones

Laughing woman is always the most beautiful, so congratulation to you to have the most beautiful crescent-shaped eye! Fallen eyelashes cross-shaped design is the best partner of laughing female. Thick eyelashes can increase the sense of charming, cross-letting eyes look radiant, so how are you laughing are charming

Actress representative: Olivia Olsen

Do you think too small eyes are too innocent and want to change their eye type? Then pick up a curling false eyelashes for your eyes and make your eyes look streamlined. Today, the big eyes’ pursuit is natural type, short and Alice false eyelashes can try it.

Actress representative: Alexandra Daddario

Dan Feng eyes are very eye-catching with Chinese characteristics, choose to strengthen the middle of the style can strengthen the look, adjust the slightly pick the eye type. Natural false eyelashes are to create a good partner of the individual school, it do not easily droop even if suddenly flashed his eyes .

Actress representative: Lyndsy Fonseca

There is no doubt that false eyelashes is definitely a super-gospel for single-fold MM ! After the single eyelid eye type sticky false eyelashes,it does not expose the existence of false 3D MINK eyelashes even if the frequent blinking, because the root is completely covered by the upper eyelid. Choose a long curly enough false eyelashes, the more warped more powerful.

But , How to buy the best high-end popular quality eyelashes? How much is it? Where can I buy this eyelash?

A: We would like to introducing you a good mink lashes vendor , they are the manufacturer of mink lashes ,They offer the mink lashes wholesale Price: USD7.5 / Pair,

If you want to WHOLESALE MINK LASHES, Please click this websit : buy the popular high-quality MINK EYELASHES

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What is the The advantages of false mink eyelashes ? 

What is The The Advantages Of 3D Mink Eyelashes

What is the The advantages of false mink eyelashes ? 

1,You can keep your eyes glorious smart without mascara , like soft moonlight and dazzling sunshine.

2, Don’t worry about eyelashes off when you washing your face, taking a bath or swimming, it always allows you to keep the natural style.

3, It can create natural style for you, which make your eyes like autumn water, cold stars, and gems, you will be the most graceful and beautify female anywhere.

What is the The advantages of false mink eyelashes ? 

4,You can optionally choose the length,thickness and radian of eyelashes, then form and show your own unique style.

5, Anywhere suitably, after using it you would have the most shiny eyes and become the most charming female.

6,You can make the eyelashes more curved and natural style as the light clouds crescent moon, so that your eyes would be bigger and brighter as the wind back to the snow and show your charm perfectly.

What is the The advantages of false mink eyelashes ? 

7, false mink eyelashes of high quality can become a really natural eyelashes.

8, It would perform the effect of eyelid cream, make eyelashes add makeup color and hair color, creating a new supernatural beauty.

9, It can make eyelashes more curved and the eyes bigger moister like a Barbie doll have.

10, Curling and thick eyelashes can make a more smooth extension of the sense.

What is the The advantages of false mink eyelashes ? 

Hello my name is Nikki Rose and currently in the process of starting my own eyelash line. I am lookfing for Eyelash Vendors , Your company stood out to me and I wanted to see if I can get some samples to see what styles I like before moving forward of purchasing a big amount. I wanted to know the pricing as well for the lashes and the boxes if possible. Hope to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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The Method of Wearing 3D mink eyelashes is Really Not Difficult Today

The Method of Wearing 3D mink eyelashes is Really Not Difficult Today

After seeing the charm of LADYGAGA big eyes,are you ready to try?

In fact, the method of wearing false mink eyelashes is really not difficult today, Editor will teach you the simplest four steps, with little tips, you can make a pair of small false mink eyelashes to help you immediately have the magic of taking pictures of the soul and enhance your popularity!

1.Cut false mink eyelashes into a short, short period of time. The middle section can be a little wider, so affixed to the middle of the arc will be very natural, It does not suddenly have the feeling of bifurcation

Only tweezers, clip a handful of false 18MM mink eyelashes, in turn, sticky glue in the roots of eyelashes.

Essential props to paste eyelashes:

1.Clip: that is, aids, aids have a variety of single false mink eyelashesabsolutely indispensable, the use of clip help, false mink eyelashes posted more smoothly, quickly.

2.Small scissors: just bought back the entire row of false mink eyelashes must be trimmed to meet the length of the eye-shaped, exquisite small scissors can be precise pruning, super convenient Oh!

3.Eyelash glue: To choose the moderate viscosity, and now there is a black eyelash glue, do not have to worry after sticking on the eyelids will have a white residue, very natural.

MIIS False Eyelash Glue

The world’s best-selling false eyelash glue. The only false eyelash glue that meets the medical surgical criteria. MIIS False Eyelash Glue is a MIIS Queen’s merchandise, and MIIS false mink eyelashes and body stick diamonds use false mink eyelashes.


MIIS False Eyelash Glue
MIIS False Eyelash Glue

Q: What is the best high-end popular quality eyelashes? How much is it?

A: Experts strongly recommend to buy: MINK EYELASHES

Q: What is the Mink Lashes factory wholesale price ?

A: The mink lalshes wholesale Price: USD7.5 / Pair,

Q: Where can I  wholesale mink lashes ?

A: If you want to buy, please click to enter the site of mink eyelashes vendor  to buy the popular high-quality MINK EYELASHES

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How to choose mink eyelashes suit your eyelashes ?

How To Choose 3D Mink Eyelashes Suit Your Eyelashes ?

You know Men are more attracted to women with long eyelashes

Making women more beautiful. But the choice 20MM mink eyelashes can be a knowledge, otherwise put on can feel very uncomfortable.To the choice of mink eyelashes most should notice which method, material is very important.Use good natural hair to create mink eyelasheses, just like true eyelashes.How to calculate good mink eyelashes?

How to choose to mink eyelashes suit yourself ?

1.Glossiness: the color is bright, smooth and not dull. It is the characteristic of high-quality 18MM mink eyelasheses.

2.Soft and hard degree: the material of superhard, can bring very big pressure to eyelid, and wear up, look very false, not natural.
Too soft mink eyelashes, not quite stand upright, curl warped degree also can be inferior.
Best of all, gently squeeze your hands into a soft, slightly firmer shape than your real eyelashes.

3.Curved become warped degree: good 25MM mink eyelashes can go up naturally become warped, grow radian to be similar with the growth curve of upper eyelash, smooth straight mink eyelashes can feel curt in wearing, also have no aesthetic feeling.

4.Practical: if you want to shine at a party, opt for exaggerated eyelashes, such as those with rhinestones, feathers, and bright colors.


However, when it comes to friends’ parties and dating couples, it’s best not to be too dramatic.

5.Eyelash glue: it is very important, had seen a woman more than 30 years old, is very beautiful, but she has been to buy cheap mink eyelashes glue, now her eyelashes badly damaged skin, often have inflammation.

So be sure to buy a big brand of glue, and it’s not too expensive or scary, within 15 $ you will definitely choose the eyelash glue with very good quality.

So . we are the mink lashes manufactuer and Vendor , We are wholesale Mink lashes with good price , also we mink lashes wholesale mink strip lashes with a good quality .  We are welcome to buy mink lashes from our factory

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How to make eyelashes longer

Use Local materials

Advantages: low cost, convenient,

Disadvantages:easy to inflammation or long fat particles with improper operation,slower effect

Available for eyelash growth ingredients mainly include: Vaseline which been to a certain extent would make eyelashes thicker and more robust,it apply to the people with long but thinner eyelashes. Vitamin ,which can make eyelashes grow,are suitable for short eyelashes people .

Olive oil which contains a variety of vitamins , minerals and other active factors that can promote eyelashes regrowth. Vitamin B5 is also called pantothenic acid and its active factor is Coenzyme A, which has outstanding efficacy in hair care. The structure of eyelashes and hair is roughly the same, so vitamin B5 can also make lashes more robust and full of activity.

Overnight tea contains more tea polyphenols, which can promote skin absorption of vitamins, eliminate eye edema, and promote eyelash growth. DIY eyelash growth solution need dissolve VB5 into overnight tea ,and then you will get homemade eyelash growth solution.

Ingredients used above :not specifically designed for the eye,thus be careful on the use of extra.First take care to wipe the eyelashes with a cotton swab, in case of preventing infection. Second, we should pay attention to the excess pressure with tissue paper to prevent fat particles.

In fact, from the oath on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the product,unless it is a DIY enthusiast or a girl who is particularly cost-conscious will live, or do not have their own DIY.For the requirements of eye product are relatively high, or have a certain risk .


Eyelash growth solution

Advantages: designed for eyelashes, not easily occur fat particles and infections

Disadvantages: every-day usage, need some patience and perseverance.

Eyelash growth fluid containing most of the enzyme “EPM” can create hair cells and the formation of tissue while activating the dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue, the hair follicle cells in the quiescence to return to the growth stage of the value-added to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes .

Brush mascara directly before going to bed like a brush, focus on the roots of a few rub back and forth, because your hair follicles is the birthplace of birthplace.

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