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We are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products

Hello Dear ,all the people can see it 
We are Eyelash Vendors, amd now we are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products
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How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

How To Make 3D Mink Eyelashes Curl ? 

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

No matter how the folder, over time, stubborn mink eyelashes returned to their original.If you want to know how to keep your eyelashes up all day.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

mink eyelashes are not affixed to it, to maintain curl only significant effect.

mink eyelashes are eye makeup necessities, but in fact only maintain the eyelash curling in order to better play the role of mink eyelashes. Choose natural style, not very gorgeous skills, the natural completion of eye makeup.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

1.Move the eyelash curler up and down from the root of the hand.

2.Starting from the front of the eyelashes vertical brush eyelashes, so that children can keep eyelashes curling up.

3.Paste the natural style of mink eyelashes.

4.The mink eyelashes and real eyelashes rolled up together, the effect is more natural.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

Q: Where do buy the best high popular quality mink eyelashes? How much is it? Where can find a good mink lashes wholesale and vendor ?

A: We can tell you a good mink lashes vendor , they have very good quality of mink lashes , also they have a very competitive price

Price: the price USD7.5 / Pair, if you want to wholesale mink lashes , the price is 5.5usd one pair , MOQ : 50 pairs each style .

If you want to Wholesale mink lashes , please click to enter the site to buy the popular high-quality MINK EYELASHES

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

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How to make eyelashes longer ?

How To Make Eyelashes Longer ?

How to make eyelashes longer ?

Use Local materials

Advantages: low cost, convenient

Disadvantages:easy to inflammation or long fat particles with improper operation,slower effect

How to make eyelashes longer ?

Available for eyelash growth ingredients mainly include:

Vaseline which been to a certain extent would make eyelashes thicker and more robust,it apply to the people with long but thinner eyelashes. Vitamin ,which can make eyelashes grow,are suitable for short eyelashes people . Olive oil which contains a variety of vitamins , minerals and other active factors that can promote eyelashes regrowth.

How to make eyelashes longer ?

Vitamin B5 is also called pantothenic acid and its active factor is Coenzyme A, which has outstanding efficacy in hair care. The structure of eyelashes and hair is roughly the same, so vitamin B5 can also make lashes more robust and full of activity. Overnight tea contains more tea polyphenols, which can promote skin absorption of vitamins, eliminate eye edema, and promote eyelash growth.

How to make eyelashes longer ?

DIY eyelash growth solution need dissolve VB5 into overnight tea ,and then you will get homemade eyelash growth solution.Ingredients used above :not specifically designed for the eye,thus be careful on the use of extra.First take care to wipe the eyelashes with a cotton swab, in case of preventing infection.

How to make eyelashes longer ?

Second, we should pay attention to the excess pressure with tissue paper to prevent fat particles. In fact, from the oath on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the product,unless it is a DIY enthusiast or a girl who is particularly cost-conscious will live, or do not have their own DIY.For the requirements of eye product are relatively high, or have a certain risk .

How to make eyelashes longer ?

But if you want find a easy way to make eyelashes longer? we suggest you directy Wholesale mink eyelashes . it is very easy and long hair , very natural look . if you want to buy it , Please check here 

How to make eyelashes longer ?

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3D Mink Lashes Are The Most Important Part of Eye Makeup

3D Mink Lashes Are The Most Important Part of Eye Makeup

Do you know if you want to create a different eye makeup effect, mink eyelashes is a good choice. The same eyeliner, eye shadow, as long as the paste on a different mink eyelashes, you can create a variety makeup. Paste mink eyelashes and not so difficult, 5 minutes can be posted charm of the big eyes, Editor will teach you how to draw mink eyelashes.

Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Automatic eyebrow pencil with a gentle feeling of use and excellent persistence performance appropriate color and natural make-up effect.

Inspired by the gradient of light brown and different light colors, is to create three-dimensional eye shadow composite eye shadow 4 color combination. Highlights, shades of color, respectively, by the three gradient composition, then you can more enjoy the charm of light and shadow.

Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Eye shadow and eye line painting method before 25MM mink eyelashes paste

If you want 5 minutes to finish eye makeup, it is necessary to focus on the mink eyelashes, as far as possible weakened eyeliner, eyeliner gently depict it, eye shadow also weaken.

The first step, first with the eyeliner from the eyes to the end of the eye, draw an eyeliner, slightly upturned eye tail on it, and then brush mascara.

The second step, use earth color eye shadow, fill the eye socket with high light first, and then fill the eyelid folds with brown, eye makeup is completed, to this step only two minutes.

 Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Wild natural makeup mink eyelashes paste method

The first makeup is wild natural makeup sense, suitable for any occasion, the choice of mink eyelashes can choose natural paragraph transparent stem mink eyelashes, transparent stem mink eyelashes can create a very natural effect.

This mink eyelashes moderate density, no exaggeration, you can naturally blend with their own eyelashes, any occasion are suitable. Compare with your own eye shape first, if the stem is too long, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off, and then brush the false eyelash glue, a thin layer of brush just fine.

And then along the roots of eyelashes, from the eyes to the end of the eye began to paste, after the sticky and other mink eyelashes dry mascara after brushing, so that mink eyelashes with their eyelashes a better fusion of this natural fresh eye makeup is completed La!

Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Japanese innocent drooping eye makeup 18MM mink eyelashes paste method

The second paragraph is the makeup of Japanese innocent droop eye makeup, mink eyelashes choose to use the end of the eye lengthened, and a little stick out the end of the eye, so there is a cute feeling.

Eye lashes slightly sparse, focus on the end of the eye dense, and longer, with this mink eyelashes, eyes immediately become particularly cute, is to play tender essential to sell Meng models!

If you choose the end of the eyelashes longer mink eyelashes, the lower lashes must also be better with a more natural, choose a lower eyelashes, cut one-third down, highlighting the end of the eye on it, the location of stickers can be slightly out of their eyelashes A little, as shown, it looks bigger eyes.

Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Nightclub Party Queen makeup eyelashes paste method

The third eye makeup is run Party, Party Queen must-have makeup, choose a thick exaggerated eyelashes, and eye shadow metal will be strengthened, the entire eye makeup can highlight the feeling of charm, the gas field is also stronger!

Thick mink eyelashes should be noted before the paste, the first false eyelash back and forth a few times to bend, let it be gentle with the eye-shaped fit more perfect, this eye makeup can be slightly prominent eye shadow metal color, and the eye liner lengthen Go out, a sense of charm came out.

Finally, makeup remover is actually a strength to live, if life rip down will not only hurt the eyes, the skin will be relaxed. The best way is to use a cotton swab dipped in eye and lip remover, first repeatedly applied at the mink eyelashes, and other glue to gently melt down, you can proceed to the next remover.

3D mink eyelashes, the natural length, slender, these can be made by handmade charm mink eyelashes easily achieved. Each one of the eyelashes style and design are perfect, so the effect is also excellent.

Mink eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup

Hope that can help you , if you want to mink eyelashes wholesale price ,  Please contact mink lashes vendor which we have won mink lashes factory .  Please check here to find  your mink strip lashes .

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How to make your eyes quickly become charming with false mink eyelashes

How To Make Your Eyes Quickly Become Charming With False 3D Mink Eyelashes

Many people always think the eye makeup is just painting eye shadow,eyeliner, and then clip eyelash curler mascara. But recently I found out that every beautiful girl in the street has especially big electric eye. Be closely, I realized that they put on false mink eyelashes that have the magical effect of increasing both eyes. However, no matter what kind of false 3D mink eyelashes, they all have the most basic way to wear.Now let’s learn carefully about it.

How to make your eyes quickly become charming with false mink eyelashes

There is vary greatly in effect before and after wearing false mink eyelashes ,the original normal eyes  suddenly become full power.

Nowadays, false mink eyelashes have become the indispensable beauty props for crush Party, and even some crush every day to affix false mink eyelashes before they are willing to go out. But  there are often some friends complaining about, , that is not stick false mink eyelashes in any case so that eye makeup to create electric eye effect is always lack of something. Now,to learn about the correct way to paste false 18MM mink eyelashes.

Step1. Combing eyelashes

Firstly using a small brush carding eyelashes, eyelashes can not only comb neatly but also makeup residue powder sweep off, so that it would be more convenient in follow.

Step2. Eyelash curler 

Gently curling the eyelashes from the root, which will make the false mink eyelashes worn afterwards fit more closely to their real eyelashes.

Step3. Eyeliner to fill the gap

Due to false mink eyelashes,it can not be completely fit with the curvature of the eye, you must rely on eyeliner to make detailed amendments. Beginners can use eyeliner cream or eyeliner pens, experts can use eyeliner liquid to outline the delicate lines.

Step4. Soft false 25MM mink eyelashes roots

Natural soft false mink eyelashes along the curvature of the false mink eyelashes. The arc of terrier are  more smooth, soft, the better paste false mink eyelashes before and after the end docile, thus not easy to up.

Step5. Trimming false mink eyelashes

Longer eyelashes from the end of the period to do pruning, because the shorter eyelashes that period can be left in the head office, so paste the eyelashes will be natural.

Step6. Apply false eyelash glue

Choose a good quality fake eyelash glue, and then brush the roots of a thin layer of false mink eyelashes.

Step7. Wait for the false eyelash glue to change to a transparent state

When the false mink eyelashes become translucent, It is the most sticky time to glue, this time is the best time to wear false mink eyelashes

Step8. Starting from the false mink eyelashes Center

From the center of the false mink eyelashes go up, and then paste the front and back ends of false mink eyelashes.

Step9. Do front and back press

With local eyelash curler again in front of the false mink eyelashes do press, so that false mink eyelashes more closely fit in the eyelid.

Step10. Eyeliner fill in the eye office

Finally, make up the eyes with black eyeliner to make eyeliner more complete, then false mink eyelashes will become more natural.

Q: What is the best high-end popular quality eyelashes? How much is it? Where can I buy this eyelash?

A: Experts strongly recommend to buy: MINK EYELASHES , we are wholesale 3d mink lasehs , we are the 3d mink lashes Vendor , we have own factory to manuactuering the 3d mink lashes .


If you want to buy, please click to enter the site ( to buy the popular high-quality MINK STRIO EYELASHES

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OMG ! Unbelievable!!! What Happen When I am Pressure and Grind My Mink Eyelashes several times and washing times In The Water


I am Pressure and Grind My Mink Eyelashes several times and washing times,

Amazing !!!

The 3D Mink eyelashes are the same as before, They are really can use 30 times without any problem ?

Please view the Youtube Below:

You can see a pair of new 3d mink eyelashes on the hand clearly , take out of box and put it in hands for cleaning.

First Time The Mink eyelashes are repeatedly crushed, rubbed, then washed,

Second time : then grind the water system again, and

Thirth time : grind the water system for the third time,

Then The shape after drying is the same as before, the 3D effect is the same as before, and the water does not fall anyone Mink Fur Hiar

How are good quality of Mink Lashes we Test .


Yes . Sure , this is our 3D Mink Lahses ,  This is our quality !  one pair is 5.5usd only and each time only  0.18usd one time . 


EDIT: Since so many of you have been asking, their site is ( 

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How to wear 3D Mink lashes?

How to wear 3D Mink lashes?


Come to get 3D Mink lashes correct pasting method!

Still worry about how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? 3D Mink lashes is an indispensable tool to create the perfect eye makeup, that you know how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more bright Therefore, 3D Mink lashes became everyone’s common choice. Usually we see that the star wear 3D Mink lashes  well and naturally. This is not the case when we posted it by ourselves. So how to wear 3D Mink lashes?

 How to wear 3D Mink lashes?

First step: check the length of 3D Mink lashes

After buy many 3D Mink lashes, you will find eye type, eye length is not appropriate, therefore, when using 3D Mink lashes, firstly use tweezers to pick up the 3D Mink lashes at the root of the eyelashes,

if the 3D Mink lashes longer than their own eyes You need to cut to the same width as your own eye shape, and the end of 3D Mink lashes should not overshoot their own eyelashes. Therefore, the 3D Mink lashes in the eyes should empty out of 1/4, or eyes closed will be uncomfortable.


Second step: clip their own eyelashes

Before apply the 3D Mink lashes, use the eyelash curler curling up your eyelashes, and then mascara, because their own eyelashes is no more than 3D Mink lashes curling, in order to wear the natural eyelashes naturally, and therefore need to wear 3D Mink lashes prior to curling their own eyelash, while mascara is also able to help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

Third step: to give 3D Mink lashes wear glue

After their own eyelashes are fixed, pick up the prepared 3D Mink lashes, roots up, and then use another hand squeeze the glue on the 3D Mink lashes, should pay attention when crowded squeeze extrusion not too much one-time Or it will flow the eyelash glue onto the eyelashes.

When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle so that the eye and eye end parts will have more glue because the two parts are easier to fall off . Better grasp of the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, painted a short, squeeze a little glue, painted a short, so until all painted, the direction is just said from the middle to both sides.

How to wear 3D Mink lashes?

Fourth step: How much eyelash glue is the right

Many people wear 3D Mink lashes, the biggest difficulty is that do not know how much glue to the 3D Mink lashes wear, so editor answer, false eyelash glue is about 0.5 to 1 mm thickness, because if the 3D Mink lashes glue too little, Not good sticky 3D Mink lashes, squeezed in the eyelash glue, wait 30 seconds, to be 3D Mink lashes semi-dry state, because the viscosity is the highest.

Fifth step: first time wear 3D Mink lashes

After the glue on the 3D Mink lashes is semi-dry, clamp the middle of the eyelashes with tweezers. At this moment, it is not the root of the middle of the 3D Mink lashes. Instead, the eyelashes in the middle of the 3D Mink lashes are clamped by the forceps, Just above the real eyelashes roots. The middle of the 3D Mink lashes align with the real eyelashes. Be careful not to touch the roots of the glue with real eyelashes.

Sixth Step: How to wear the eye 3D Mink lashes one eye

First stick in the middle part, the site is above the real eyelashes within 0.5-1 mm. Is glued to the eyelids, very close to the real eyelashes, but do not press on the real eyelashes line because it will put down real eyelashes down.


We are the 3d mink lashes vendor and Supplier , Our 3d mink lashes factory main manufacturer 3d mink lashes , if you are interesed in mink lashes wholesale , please contact with us , you can click our websit

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