Female stars teach you to wear Fake mink eyelashes

Female Stars Teach You to Wear 3D Mink Eyelashes


Taylor Swift is a three-dimensional silhouette of the magazine’s famous model, she owns the best makeup skill which make-up artist are amazed, today editor invited Taylor Swift to teach you the skill of apply false 18MM mink eyelashes, so that you will become more charming.


Use Eyeliner fill the gap of Fake mink eyelashes

Firstly use black eyeliner to fill the gap between 25MM mink eyelashes, and then clip curlers Alice, and brush mascara to maintain curling degree, to avoid false Fake mink eyelashes and true lashes will be divided into two layers of embarrassment.

Single are used as pair of false 20MM mink eyelashes

Select the middle of the long short sides of the natural cross-type false Fake mink eyelashes, cut in half from the middle when the two pairs of Fake mink eyelashes to use.

Cut Bunch of Fake mink eyelashes

The bundle-like lashes at the cut ends of the cut, the lower part of the Fake mink eyelashes will be divided into 2-3 parts, the effect is more natural, and then to stick with adhesive.

Paste bottom Fake mink eyelashes

Firstly brush mascara, and then a pinch of false Fake mink eyelashes directly attached to the past where the original growth gap more sticky, the overall distribution appears to be uniform.

Touching with romantic rich personality. So the point is completely natural. However, with false Fake mink eyelashes, it will appear more visible. Absolutely it is 100% perfect fashion .

Painted eye line on the eyelid, eye socket is coated with beige eye shadow and halo. After wearing false Fake mink eyelashes,it is painted on the lower eyelid rough eyes.

Line, eye do not pick at. Before wearing false Fake mink eyelashes, apply mascara firstly. Lighten the upper lashes and lower lashes thicker, carefully draw a good profile, lip gloss directly on the inside. Choose glossy flesh color.

Wearing Fake mink eyelashes must follow the makeup tips

1.Use slender false Fake mink eyelashes

2.Lower eyelid eye liner and eye do not connect

3 with a beige system

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