Have the eyes at least twice by eye liner and false mink eyelashes

Have The Eyes At Least Twice By Eye Liner And False Mink Eyelashes


The use of double makeup eye liner and false mink eyelashes make the eyes at least twice as large, l It is no longer difficult to become electric eye doll, Next editor will teach you how to draw big eye makeup, learn eye makeup skills can be done.

How to make your eyes more attractive, so that the eyes become bigger, as long as learning eye make-up skills you can get through, the focus of eye makeup is eye liner and eyelashes, as long as dealing with eye liner and eyelashes, The following small series can teach you how to draw large eye makeup.

STEP 1 Turn on the eyelids, Carefully fill the gap between the lashes with eyeliner deepen the outline of the eye so that the eyes look more significant.

STEP 2 Clip eyelashes divided into three sections, respectively, from the root, middle, eyelash curler grip lovely arc.

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STEP 3 Brush eyelashes central mascara vertical upward, brush inside and outside the corner of the eye to adjust the angle according to the shape of the eye, and finally use the Z-shaped brush method, make the eyelashes look thick and clear.

STEP 4 Eyelash short hair female is difficult to brush out the long curly eyelashes like a Barbie, this time the false mink eyelashes came in handy, with a clip sandwiched between the center of the false mink eyelashes, coated with glue, glue and other semi-dry You can begin to paste, paste false 3d mink eyelashes,  the first fixed middle, and then paste the ends.

STEP 5 While the glue is not dry, adjust the curvature of the eyelashes slightly by hand or clip is the key, neither hanging nor too warped, the natural curvature of the eyelashes can leave no trace.

STEP 6 If you want to make the eyes look more energy, bottom mink eyelashes is absolutely not a ignored part of the mascara brush will be able to easily pull out the thick under the eyelashes, in order to avoid painting the eyelashes, it will be painted under the eyelids, you can take a White paper and get the extra mascara off.Then through the eyeliner and eyelashes processing, you can master large of eye makeup skills tips.

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