How To Choose A High Quality Wholesale  Eyelash Glue Vendors ?

How To Choose A High Quality Wholesale  Eyelash Glue Vendors ?

we should know many skills knowledge before we make a right decision .

1st What Is Eyelashes Glue?

Eyelash Glue is a substance that binds eyelashes and skin together.

eyelashes glue vendor

Eyelashes Glue Vendor

2nd How does eyelash glue work?

The effect of glue is mainly by the tension between the polymer to achieve. When the water is gone, the polymer pulls on each other to hold the lashes and skin together .

lash glue

Lash glue

3rd What are the most popular glues in the market?

There are two main types of Best-selling Eyelashes Glues on the market.

lash extension glue

best-selling eyelashes glues

One is Quick-drying Eyelash Glue.

which is used for Eyelashes Extension Glue . This kind of glue has been favored and approved by the technician of beauty parlor.

false eyelash glue

Eyelashes Extension Glue

The other one is Antiallergic Eyelashes Glue.

The two kinds of Fake Eyelashes Glue Best have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course everything have this two features, and if you love the advantage, you should accept the disadvantage too.

 Antiallergic Eyelashes Glue.

Antiallergic Eyelashes Glue.

4th Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

First , the advantage of the quick-drying eyelashes glue is rapid bonding .

And when you put the lashes on , water evaporates quickly . so If you are a professional technician, this glue will improve work efficiency. And the disadvantage of this kind of eyelashes glue is that if you use Glue For Individual Eyelashes , if you’re not fast enough, it’s hard to get the installation done . so you have to give up this Professional Eyelashes Glue.

best eyelash glue

Eyelashes Glue

Second , Antiallergic eyelashes glue.

If you are pregnant, it is recommended that you use this glue. This glue is especially good for sensitive skin, safe, no stimulation.But this glue will dry a little longer and won’t cause Eyelashes Glue Burning Skin and if you find Eyelashes Glue For Sensitive Eyes, you can choose this Lash Glue.

best eyelash glue

Fake Eyelashes Glue


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