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How to choose the color of the Custom Eyelash Pacaging Boxes ?

How to choose the color of the Custom Eyelash Pacaging Boxes ?

First , if you don’t have a logo or you just have regular logo and brand name
You can choose regular box and put your logo on the box , and the box may be any color , because you make a small budget order.

But if you have your own logo and you want to make a bulk orders from us , we will advise the color of the box should come from your logo. Each logo has main color and match colors, what you need do is choose the main color ,and then the logo will match the box very well and that will looks more professional.

So ,your logo should be the first page of the box, so that people can watch it and will remember your logo and brand name easily. That would be great for you .

The second thing is that you should wright down your slogan.
And put your slogan on the inner box ,when people open the Eyelash Box ,they will look your slogan , and that the soul of your brand name .

The last thing is that you should put your information on the bottom of the box.
And when people apply the Eyelashes on the eye, people will also can find you by your custom packaging box.

So everything will be OK if you have already choose the shape the color the logo position ,the position of the slogan ,and the position of the information.

And that would be a great and professional box ,if you have more idea and promotions ,that also be useful for your designing.

There are also many details for you guys to design your logo and custom packaging box ,more details welcome Contact US. and we will help you make the right decision.

By the way ,if your custom packaging is professional ,you lashes business will also can be sold with competitive price.

Custom eyelash packaging boxes is very important in your lashes business ,more details we will help you solve these issues..

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