How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

How To Make 3D Mink Eyelashes Curl ? 

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

No matter how the folder, over time, stubborn mink eyelashes returned to their original.If you want to know how to keep your eyelashes up all day.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

mink eyelashes are not affixed to it, to maintain curl only significant effect.

mink eyelashes are eye makeup necessities, but in fact only maintain the eyelash curling in order to better play the role of mink eyelashes. Choose natural style, not very gorgeous skills, the natural completion of eye makeup.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

1.Move the eyelash curler up and down from the root of the hand.

2.Starting from the front of the eyelashes vertical brush eyelashes, so that children can keep eyelashes curling up.

3.Paste the natural style of mink eyelashes.

4.The mink eyelashes and real eyelashes rolled up together, the effect is more natural.

How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

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How to make mink eyelashes curl ? 

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