How to make your eyes quickly become charming with false mink eyelashes

How To Make Your Eyes Quickly Become Charming With False 3D Mink Eyelashes

Many people always think the eye makeup is just painting eye shadow,eyeliner, and then clip eyelash curler mascara. But recently I found out that every beautiful girl in the street has especially big electric eye. Be closely, I realized that they put on false mink eyelashes that have the magical effect of increasing both eyes. However, no matter what kind of false 3D mink eyelashes, they all have the most basic way to wear.Now let’s learn carefully about it.

How to make your eyes quickly become charming with false mink eyelashes

There is vary greatly in effect before and after wearing false mink eyelashes ,the original normal eyes  suddenly become full power.

Nowadays, false mink eyelashes have become the indispensable beauty props for crush Party, and even some crush every day to affix false mink eyelashes before they are willing to go out. But  there are often some friends complaining about, , that is not stick false mink eyelashes in any case so that eye makeup to create electric eye effect is always lack of something. Now,to learn about the correct way to paste false 18MM mink eyelashes.

Step1. Combing eyelashes

Firstly using a small brush carding eyelashes, eyelashes can not only comb neatly but also makeup residue powder sweep off, so that it would be more convenient in follow.

Step2. Eyelash curler 

Gently curling the eyelashes from the root, which will make the false mink eyelashes worn afterwards fit more closely to their real eyelashes.

Step3. Eyeliner to fill the gap

Due to false mink eyelashes,it can not be completely fit with the curvature of the eye, you must rely on eyeliner to make detailed amendments. Beginners can use eyeliner cream or eyeliner pens, experts can use eyeliner liquid to outline the delicate lines.

Step4. Soft false 25MM mink eyelashes roots

Natural soft false mink eyelashes along the curvature of the false mink eyelashes. The arc of terrier are  more smooth, soft, the better paste false mink eyelashes before and after the end docile, thus not easy to up.

Step5. Trimming false mink eyelashes

Longer eyelashes from the end of the period to do pruning, because the shorter eyelashes that period can be left in the head office, so paste the eyelashes will be natural.

Step6. Apply false eyelash glue

Choose a good quality fake eyelash glue, and then brush the roots of a thin layer of false mink eyelashes.

Step7. Wait for the false eyelash glue to change to a transparent state

When the false mink eyelashes become translucent, It is the most sticky time to glue, this time is the best time to wear false mink eyelashes

Step8. Starting from the false mink eyelashes Center

From the center of the false mink eyelashes go up, and then paste the front and back ends of false mink eyelashes.

Step9. Do front and back press

With local eyelash curler again in front of the false mink eyelashes do press, so that false mink eyelashes more closely fit in the eyelid.

Step10. Eyeliner fill in the eye office

Finally, make up the eyes with black eyeliner to make eyeliner more complete, then false mink eyelashes will become more natural.

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