How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes ?

How To Use Skill to Brighten Realistic Beautiful 18mm Mink Strip Eyelashes ?

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

Of course, a charming female will have not only the power of laughter, but also the pairs of smart delusional eyes. Curly Smart Lashes always give people a good impression, but not everyone can have the honor to have good-looking Eyelashes. So the MM who are less than the original eyelashes how to make up for it? Today I will tell you how to use skill to brighten realistic looking eyelashes!

STEP1: Choose a suitable for their own false mink eyelashes

False eyelash market all kinds of forest, you need to choose a suitable for their own false mink eyelashes, especially oriental choose the effect of natural Japanese eyelashes are more appropriate. If you want to have more sense of presence of both eyes, you can choose thick black eyelashes roots,and choose the roots of transparent eyelashes.

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

STEP2: Draw eyeliner

Paste false mink eyelashes before the first draw eyeliner, Please use eyeliner liquid or eyeliner pens to draw the first eyeliner.

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

STEP3: The correct way to wear

  1. a) The first step you must according to the shape of their eyes to the false mink eyelashes trimmed to confirm the location of the eyes, trim out the most suitable length, trim must be careful not to cut too much at once, otherwise the length is not enough; if If the length is too long, you can trim it slowly.
  2. b) The second step is to glue. Glue is the best choice for better quality glue, so more secure and posted the results will be better. The glue applied to the root of the eyelashes, the amount of glue on the line, and other glue will be dry when the false mink eyelashesbent gently, so that the eyelashes can make more soft, more realistic look;
  3. c) The third part is to put false mink eyelashes, and the roots of false mink eyelashesclose to the roots of lashes, affixed in the order of the middle of the eyes and eye tail, with a cotton swab or finger gently press to completely fixed, so posted.The effect of more natural and realistic.

STEP4: Use false mink eyelashes to blend false mink eyelashes

You may appear eyelashes roots exposed white glue after the false mink eyelashes paste, then you need to use eyeliner to expose the roots of false mink eyelashes glue to cover

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes ?

STEP5: Eye shadow

The site where false mink eyelashes fitting is not natural may after paste some false mink eyelashes , then you can choose some of the black eye shadow on the fit of the site and it is not enough to re-decorated. After completing these steps, use your eyeliner to scan the liner at the lower eyelid and smudge it with dark eye shadow to create the shadow of the eyelashes. In the end, you will have a smart eyelash!

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