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Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes Catalog – Chose The Style You Want

Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes Catalog


The Style ML3D05

The Style ML3D09

The Style ML3D13B

The Style ML3D15

The Style ML3D20

The Style ML3D25

The Style ML3D26

The Style ML3D35

The Style ML3D39

The Style ML3D47

The Style ML3D50

The Style ML3D54

The Style ML3D58

The Style ML3D65

The Style ML3D95

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How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup?

How To Choose 3D Mink Eyelashes According To Makeup

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

It’s not hard to build a better makeup someone’s .The first step is to start from false mink eyelashes. Do not underestimate this small tool, it can change your eye shape covered up your shortcomings, it is important! It can provide you with strong power! Women who do not use false mink eyelashes have no future!

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

false mink eyelashes have very diverse styles, according to makeup it can be divided into dense, natural and basic type

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

The steps to stick eyelashes are as follows:

First remove the false mink eyelashes from the box with tweezers and gently fold the false mink eyelashes round with your hands.

Trim false mink eyelashes according to your own eye size.

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

Use a cotton swab to apply the glue evenly to the root of the false mink eyelashes, sticking from the top of the eye, and slowly sticking to the end of the eye.

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

According to the length, the normal length is generally 5-6 mm, what designed to create a clear eye makeup is also suitable for smaller eye contour girls. 6-10 mm is suitable for girls with big eyes, wear obvious and natural enough. 10 mm or more will develop into an exaggerated stage modeling friends.

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

According to the way to create eyelashes through the length of eyelashes and eye end of the eye , the amount and location to determine the eye type. The closer the long eyelashes to the middle, the more you can create a sweet and lovely effect. The more you reach the end of the eye, the more you can create a mysterious and slender effect.

How to choose false mink eyelashes according to makeup

Bottom eyelashes,it is definitely a plus single product for today’s hot vertical drop makeup which can create doll-like makeup effect.

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What should I pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?

What Should You Pay Attention To When Wearing 3D Mink Eyelashes?

What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?

  • Donot use your hand or towel to rub your eyesafter wearing false eyelashes. Rub your eyes, not only have an adverse effect on our own eyelashes on the wearing of 3D mink eyelashes but also cause varying degrees of damage.
  • What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  1. Do not to make eyelashes soaked in water for a long timeor for a long time in the full steam when wearing false mink eyelashes the same day, or wearing false eyelashes after 5-8 hours ensuring that the false eyelashes wearing glue Completely dry.
  2. What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  • Thebeauty 3D mink eyelashes effect has been very significantwhen wearing false eyelashes, you should try to avoid the use of mascara, especially oily mascara you can draw eyeliner, but when taking off formal dress, do not use strong oil makeup remover ,or it would affect the wear viscous false eyelashes glue, and durability.
  • What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  • It is best to use daily eyelash care solution or comb eyelashes comb with eyelashes which make the eyelashes more smooth,and take the better
  • What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  • Do not expect to wear false 25MM mink STRIP eyelashes permanently. Wearing false eyelashes once a daynormally, you can repeat 25-30 times.
  • What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  1. Wearing false mink eyelashes would achieve the beautyeyelashes by changing the density, length, curl degree of our own eyelashes, so that our eyes will be more beautiful and bright. At the beginning of wearing false eyelashes, do not recommend the use of oily cosmetics.
  2. What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?
  3. if it is necessary to make-up, it is best to use fresh eye cosmetics. In addition, remove the eye make-up, as gentle as possible, try to avoid wearing mink eyelashes.

What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?

Wear mink eyelashes need to wear the best quality, if you want to buy, please click on this web, here to buy the eyelashes are made of hand-made natural mink hair , comfortable and lightweight, the effect is very obvious, after using it you must be a woman enough charm.

What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?

 Mink Eyelashes play a protective role on the eye. It is a curtain of the eye, both to cover the eyes to avoid glare, but also to prevent dust fall into the eye. Camel’s eyelashes is long even up to 10 cm. Otherwise, it will be hard to keep the damage of light and storm out in the desert.

What should you pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes?

Be careful not to touch the eyes when wearing mink eyelashes at the same time, or it may cause tears, pain, over time can lead to vision loss. At the same time,we need pay attention to eye health when wearing eyelashes for prevent eyes disease.

After you know  pay attention to when wearing Mink eyelashes , You Should know a good quality is important for your eyes . So We suggest to shoping the 3D mink lasehs from the best Mink Lashes Vendor ,Please click the websit  this is the reablie mink lashes Vendor .

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How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes ?

How To Use Skill to Brighten Realistic Beautiful 18mm Mink Strip Eyelashes ?

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

Of course, a charming female will have not only the power of laughter, but also the pairs of smart delusional eyes. Curly Smart Lashes always give people a good impression, but not everyone can have the honor to have good-looking Eyelashes. So the MM who are less than the original eyelashes how to make up for it? Today I will tell you how to use skill to brighten realistic looking eyelashes!

STEP1: Choose a suitable for their own false mink eyelashes

False eyelash market all kinds of forest, you need to choose a suitable for their own false mink eyelashes, especially oriental choose the effect of natural Japanese eyelashes are more appropriate. If you want to have more sense of presence of both eyes, you can choose thick black eyelashes roots,and choose the roots of transparent eyelashes.

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

STEP2: Draw eyeliner

Paste false mink eyelashes before the first draw eyeliner, Please use eyeliner liquid or eyeliner pens to draw the first eyeliner.

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes

STEP3: The correct way to wear

  1. a) The first step you must according to the shape of their eyes to the false mink eyelashes trimmed to confirm the location of the eyes, trim out the most suitable length, trim must be careful not to cut too much at once, otherwise the length is not enough; if If the length is too long, you can trim it slowly.
  2. b) The second step is to glue. Glue is the best choice for better quality glue, so more secure and posted the results will be better. The glue applied to the root of the eyelashes, the amount of glue on the line, and other glue will be dry when the false mink eyelashesbent gently, so that the eyelashes can make more soft, more realistic look;
  3. c) The third part is to put false mink eyelashes, and the roots of false mink eyelashesclose to the roots of lashes, affixed in the order of the middle of the eyes and eye tail, with a cotton swab or finger gently press to completely fixed, so posted.The effect of more natural and realistic.

STEP4: Use false mink eyelashes to blend false mink eyelashes

You may appear eyelashes roots exposed white glue after the false mink eyelashes paste, then you need to use eyeliner to expose the roots of false mink eyelashes glue to cover

How to use skill to brighten realistic beautiful mink eyelashes ?

STEP5: Eye shadow

The site where false mink eyelashes fitting is not natural may after paste some false mink eyelashes , then you can choose some of the black eye shadow on the fit of the site and it is not enough to re-decorated. After completing these steps, use your eyeliner to scan the liner at the lower eyelid and smudge it with dark eye shadow to create the shadow of the eyelashes. In the end, you will have a smart eyelash!

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Female stars teach you to wear Fake mink eyelashes

Female Stars Teach You to Wear 3D Mink Eyelashes


Taylor Swift is a three-dimensional silhouette of the magazine’s famous model, she owns the best makeup skill which make-up artist are amazed, today editor invited Taylor Swift to teach you the skill of apply false 18MM mink eyelashes, so that you will become more charming.


Use Eyeliner fill the gap of Fake mink eyelashes

Firstly use black eyeliner to fill the gap between 25MM mink eyelashes, and then clip curlers Alice, and brush mascara to maintain curling degree, to avoid false Fake mink eyelashes and true lashes will be divided into two layers of embarrassment.

Single are used as pair of false 20MM mink eyelashes

Select the middle of the long short sides of the natural cross-type false Fake mink eyelashes, cut in half from the middle when the two pairs of Fake mink eyelashes to use.

Cut Bunch of Fake mink eyelashes

The bundle-like lashes at the cut ends of the cut, the lower part of the Fake mink eyelashes will be divided into 2-3 parts, the effect is more natural, and then to stick with adhesive.

Paste bottom Fake mink eyelashes

Firstly brush mascara, and then a pinch of false Fake mink eyelashes directly attached to the past where the original growth gap more sticky, the overall distribution appears to be uniform.

Touching with romantic rich personality. So the point is completely natural. However, with false Fake mink eyelashes, it will appear more visible. Absolutely it is 100% perfect fashion .

Painted eye line on the eyelid, eye socket is coated with beige eye shadow and halo. After wearing false Fake mink eyelashes,it is painted on the lower eyelid rough eyes.

Line, eye do not pick at. Before wearing false Fake mink eyelashes, apply mascara firstly. Lighten the upper lashes and lower lashes thicker, carefully draw a good profile, lip gloss directly on the inside. Choose glossy flesh color.

Wearing Fake mink eyelashes must follow the makeup tips

1.Use slender false Fake mink eyelashes

2.Lower eyelid eye liner and eye do not connect

3 with a beige system

I’m currently a freshmen in college and recently thought to start my own lash business and just wanted to know how to get you to be my EyeLashes manufacturer or how that works? I’m really trying to start asap.

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Three kinds of mink eyelashes paste methods allow you having charming eyes

Three Kinds Of 3D Mink Eyelashes Paste Methods Allow You Having Charming Eyes

Many girls are aware of the importance of 18MM mink eyelashes in eye makeup. Due to they do not know how to paste , so they never use it.Today I will explain several ways to wear mink eyelashes, and you can easily master after repeated exercises .

First,paste entire 20MM mink eyelashes

Step1. Firstly curled false eyelash several times to make it in line with the curvature of the eye.

Step2. half-dry paste in the eyelash glue, the first fixed position, and then tweezers adjust the eye end of the eye, and finally brush a layer of mascara,that is the true and mink eyelashes glued together to avoid divided. This method is the most common method.But sometimes prone to the situation inside the corner of plastic. Especially the roots of mink eyelashes when the bottom line harder, there is the phenomenon of stinging eyes.

Frequent blinking will result in mink eyelashes. Not only to grasp the point of paste, but also the texture of mink eyelashes better. When applying glue, the glue is generally semi-dry glue. And pinch the ends of the mink eyelashes gather back so that mink eyelashes shape has formed the right eye type when the glue half-dry.

Three kinds of mink eyelashes paste methods allow you having charming eyes

Second, sub-paste 25MM mink eyelashes

Step1. Cut the entire mink eyelashes in half. Paste at the root of eyelashes as shown below. According to the need to add a few short eyelashes inside the corner of the eyelashes. You can use longer mink eyelashes trimmed out.

Note: The outermost corner of the eyelash length must also be shorter.

Step2. You will need wear a good mink eyelashes and be sure to brush it again mascara because of more dense and natural.

Third, add a single root paste

When a single paste is mainly to play the effect. Firstly real eyelashes need mascara , and then according to the situation in the appropriate place to add a few mink eyelashes paste. Then apply mascara again. The glue can be applied to the back of own hands, so every time dipped in glue is very convenient.

Fourth, paste the eyelashes

When pasting bottom eyelashes, the makeup is basically need to do as we need. Such as smoked makeup, you can do like this. If you pay attention to the use of fake eyelashes bottom line, bottom is the best transparent . when the first cut into a few small eyelashes and sub-section paste, please pay attention to the joints where the tight without appear gap

Q: What is the best high-end popular quality eyelashes? How much is it? Where find mink lashes wholeaser ? How about the qualtiy of Mink lashes manufacturer ?  it is a realible mink lashes Vendor .

A: Experts strongly recommend to buy: MINK EYELASHES

Price: USD5usd / Pair,

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What Are 3D Mink Lashes ?

3D Mink Lashes a new and popular Porducts of cosmetology and beauty makeup

3D Mink Lashes a new and popular Porducts

3D Mink Lashes is the use of mink hair which sticks to your lashes one by one, so you can easily get thick and long eyelashes. Eyelashes are more valued by female friends, not only very small but easily modified our “window of the soul.”

Long, thick and natural eyelashes is the dream of most female friends, because the eyelashes have a very important effect on the face and the eyelashes can make the eye bigger and brighter.Meanwhile grafting eyelash would make those who lack the short eyelashes friends have long and curved eyelashes.

Eyelashes can also be beauty. Many female friends want have long eyelashes like Barbie which we can easily get by 3D Mink Lashes .

The advantages of 3D Mink Lashes

The advantages of 3D Mink Lashes
  1. You can keep your eyes glorious smart without mascara , like soft moonlight and dazzling sunshine.
  2. Don’t worry about eyelashes off when you washing your face, taking a bath or swimming, it always allows you to keep the natural style.
  3. It can create natural style for you, which make your eyes like autumn water, cold stars, and gems, you will be the most graceful and beautify female anywhere.
  4. You can optionally choose the length,thickness and radian of eyelashes, then form and show your own unique style.
  5. Anywhere suitably, after using it you would have the most shiny eyes and become the most charming female.
  6. You can make the eyelashes more curved and natural style as the light clouds crescent moon, so that your eyes would be bigger and brighter as the wind back to the snow and show your charm perfectly.
  7. 3D Mink Lashes  of high quality can become a really natural eyelashes.
  8. It would perform the effect of eyelid cream, make eyelashes add makeup color and hair color, creating a new supernatural beauty.
  9. It can make eyelashes more curved and the eyes bigger moister like a Barbie doll have.
  10. Curling and thick eyelashes can make a more smooth extension of the sense.
view of mink lashes

Women views of 3D Mink Lashes

In many women views,short eyelash means their own shortcomings, people have been trying every means to cover up the short eyelashes fact, but no matter what method is used, there are always some places not as good as intentions. In fact, people can wouldn’t resist with inborn factors. If so, what should we do? In fact, the method of resist is not impossible.

Beauty mink eyelashesTechnology

With the development of beauty eyelashes technology,people are increasingly demanding on the 3D Mink Lashes ,and now people invented the wearing false eyelash hair technology, it can help women to achieve a good eyelashes dream. The method of many women solving the short eyelashes in the daily life is to apply mascara and so on.

Mascara V.S Mink Eyelashes

In fact, mascara is one of the essential makeup of many women make-up, though mascara can temporarily meet the requirements of women.Yet mascara should not be used for a long time. Mascara contains aniline substances, causing potential harm to the human body.

Some people in the process of using mascara will meet a lot of tears phenomenon, because of that the mascara have stimulated the cornea.With this type of mascara, it is very likely to cause conjunctivitis, keratitis and other eye diseases. Wearing 3D Mink Lashes  can solve this series of troubles for everyone.

3D Mink eyelashes become thicker slender, curlier

 3D Mink eyelashes become thicker slender, curlier than original mink lashes.

Wearing 3D Mink Lashes  is a special glue to paste a 3D Mink Lashes  to each of our natural eyelashes, in order to achieve the effect of beauty eyelashes. Wearing 3D Mink Lashes  can immediately see the effect of eyelashes, when opening the eyes, we can see our eyelashes become thicker slender, curlier than original.

 3D Mink Lashes make our eyes bigger and more attractive and charming

The perfect embellishment of our eyes make our eyes bigger and more attractive and charming. Wearing 3D Mink Lashes  grafts the eyelashes about 0.5mm away from the root of our natural eyelashes and comes in contact with our skin zero. In the case of zero contact, wearing 3D Mink Lashes  is hard to adversely affect our eyes.

In addition, after wearing 3D Mink Lashes ,can save make-up time without using eyelashes cream,but also can completely avoid the adverse effects of mascara on our eyes.

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