We Would like to Free Help You Desgin The LOGO To Creat Your Own Lash Line Save More Cost

We Would like to Free Help You Desgin The LOGO To Creat Your Own Lash Line Save More Cost

Hello Guys.

Well come to Cross Miis Lashes Website !

We are the Wholesame Mink Lashes Vendor , We meet so many Customer to as below quesiton :


Hi Miis Lashes.
Good everting how are you. I want to to start my own lash brand and I came across you and I was hoping you could help me with that


Hi I’m interested in seeing Your private label Eyelash Boxes


Hello, I am really interested in starting my own lash line. I came across your website and I would like to know if you do sell lashes and print logos on packaging for the eyelashes. Because I would like to take you as my vendor and order lashes and also order packaging with my logo on it. Would this be possible?

Kindly reply please ,
Thank you in advance


Hi Miis  Lashes, I’m looking to start lashe business but also looking for a vender. I’m wanting to sale 25mm mink lashes, possibly start off with samples and go with ordering and packaging pls.


Hi Miis Lashes. I am interstate in a catalog please and prices on lashes and custom Label & boxes
Thank you Shawnie Bradshaw


Can I see your catalog of the eyelash packing boxes


Hello I was wondering can you give me more information about owning your own lashes company because I want to start my own?


Now I can call you an entrepreneur, you are the one who respects me,

You can see the information. From this information you can see how these people started the eyelash business. These entrepreneurs are devoted to their own, they all have their own dreams.

Every time I see this information, I will be touched because they are very young and they are devoted to all their energy and money to invest in this eyelash business.

So in order for them to realize their dreams, we created our own design team, which specializes in helping customers design LOGOs for free, so that these entrepreneurs can save more costs and create favorable conditions for their success.

If you need us to audit eyelashes for free, please contact us, we are happy to serve you and make your eyelash business dream come true.

So you can find ta free LOGO audit voucher >>> Click Here  >>>>

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