What are the two vendors of wholesale mink eyelashes in the United States?

What are the two vendors of wholesale mink eyelashes in the United States?

There are two wholesale eyelash vendors in the market, they provide professional eyelash wholesale business.

wholesale mink lashes vendors.

wholesale eyelash vendors

1. International trade wholesaler.

At present, 64% of wholesale mink eyelash vendors are international trade wholesalers, and half of them have professional capabilities, strong maintainability and fast response. They buy large amounts of eyelashes directly from the company at very low prices and then export them to customers all over the world.

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wholesale mink eyelash vendors

2. Eyelash manufacturers and factories.

Two types: One is the natural mink eyelashes factory of an industrial trade organization, which has its own international trade department and factory. The Ministry of Trade is mainly located in the city’s central business district, and the factories are located in remote suburbs, so it takes two to three hours to get there by car.

natural mink eyelashes factory

natural mink eyelashes factory

The other is a pure eyelash factory. If you are professional enough, you must know that those high-end eyelashes are handicrafts.

Our eyelashes are all handmade and the labor cost is high, so our factory is located in the town. Have its own international trade department with export capabilities or professional sales staff to specialize in serving international trade lashes vendors.lashes vendors

lashes vendors

If you want to do mink lash business with them, you must bring the translator to the factory in China so that you can negotiate and communicate. If necessary, our company will provide this translation service and help you choose the best eyelashes and manufacturer.mink lashes wholesale

mink eyelash vendors wholesale

In addition, we will provide vehicle and accommodation services, one-stop service reception services, so that you can enjoy the characteristics and folk customs, food and culture of Qingdao, China.Our goal is not sales performance, but our service capabilities, that is, how many housewives, students, beauty salons, supermarkets, eyelash companies,Eyelash wholesalers can help you, and how many people can start a business to realize our dream of realizing wealth and life value!

lash box packaging
lash box packaging

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