What is the difference between eyelash packaging of different materials?

What is the difference between eyelash packaging of different materials?

1. Acrylic eyelash case is made of high-quality raw materials with high transparency, such as crystal.

The box is sturdy, clean and high-end. In addition to the popular butterfly acrylic boxes on the market, we can also print flowers, bushes, trees, portraits and other groups you can think of. As long as you have high-quality AI, PSD, PDF files, we will confirm with the designer immediately, and you will be able to view the renderings and design drawings immediately after payment. For an accurate quotation, please contact us via WhatsApp

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popular butterfly acrylic boxes

2. The cardboard eyelash box is made of cardboard, which is light and strong.

Consumers like cartons because first of all, this material is natural, non-polluting, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Secondly, the texture is light and strong, and the freight is low. Third, the beautiful appearance promotes sales. Our customization is not only to print eyelash logos, you can also tell us the logo design you want. We have professional designers who can help you turn your ideas into reality and improve your  business.custom eyelashes packaging boxes

wholesale mink lashes and packaging

But the original idea, design, modification and draft. Therefore, our construction period is a normal production cycle. Professional buyers know very well that if we print from stock boxes, our cycle is 3 to 5 working days for production, logo printing and transportation.

3. The cardboard eyelash case is very soft and can usually be folded, which saves space and freight, and the price is relatively cheap. Especially suitable for supermarkets and eyelash shops, large quantities and low prices. Both wholesale and retail are very advantageous.customize your own eyelash box

customize your own eyelash box

What mink eyelash packaging do you want? If you want more information, please contact us, we have professional staff to provide you with quality service. Looking forward to you can contact us

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