Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor and 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer

MIIS Lashes is the a professional and Reliable Wholesale 25mm Mink Strip Lashes Vendor and 3D Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer in China  , Our Factory specialized in manufacturing 3D Mink Lashes, Mink Strip Lashes ,Mink False Eyelashes all is 100% real Siberian Mink Lashes. We Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is Best Mink Eyelashes To USA

Qingdao Pusen’s principle is Handmade Mink Eyelashes in high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable products for customer worldwide and Our Cheap Mink lashes prices are really competitive with best quality.

Our Eyelash Manufacturer covers an area of about 3,000 square meters and We have more than 200 staff workers. Our monthly handmade mink false eyelashes capacity is about 100,000 pairs. All the skilled workers and very excellent management teams ensure that the mink fake eyelashes meet international standards.

What Can We Do For You ?

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If you want do Know more information About Mink Lashes , We very well you come , We can help you completely,We have compiled the most complete Mink Lashes product knowledge and detailed information for you, Please, Click →→What Are Mink Eyelashes?》and 《Mink Eyelashes Before and Afterfor the review.I hope it can help you.

If You Just want to Check the Price of Mink Lashes , We are very happy that we can help you, because Mink Lashes is divided into grades. Before you decide to purchase, you must clearly The grade the Mink Lashes before you buy it. If you want to price How much does it cost to get mink lashes?.

if you want Personal purchase Mink Lashes . Our philosophy can accept the purchase of Personal purchase, we respect everyone who orders our products, we just want customers to see this unique product in the world, let customers know about our products, let more Many people know our brand and make our products world famous, Please Amazon Store to Order for Personal Order

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Dear Ladies and GentlemenI , I think you are very tired to find the Mink eyelasehs wholesale and Vendor , Because you are meet so many problem about the Lashes Which is your supplier shipping to you before . That Lashes Let you have no confidence to sell even if you have a big market and so many customer before, you can not continue to expand your business, improve customer satisfaction, build your brand

Dont Worry ! Let me Teach you How to Chose a Hoest Reliable and Professional Mink Lashes Vendor

So Many Customer Was Meet Below Problems:

Problem 1: Some of our clients have responded that the Mink eyelashes which purchase from previous supplier provide some excellent sample,but when they buy hunderds of eyelashes some annoying problems will appear. Have you meet this problem ?  Why ?

Reason : In order to save costs ,the lash factory procures raw materials with low cost and poor quality,which lead to the same direction of lash tip and truncation.

 Problem 2: When clients confirm the sample style and orded big quantity , and Supplier production and shipping it to customer,the customer find the sample products are designed differently from the style which is determined before Moreover,the style of eyelashes in this merchadise are different. Have you meet this problem ?  Why ?

Reason : Owing to save costs,the price of labour costs should be lower.Due to the fact that the North Korea’s labor costs is low,the eyelashes production is not in China,but in the North Korea.The lash is sent to the North Korea for processing.But as a result of lacking of personnel supervision and no uniform standard,different people make different eyelashes in spite of the same sample.

 Problem 3: Clinets also find the sample products are designed excellent,while the quality of goods which in large quantities is worse,such as lash slip,lash dissymmetry,band hard,lash tip is cut off,not the same direction betweem lash tip and lash follicles,chemical odor and so on.WHY ?

Reason :.In an effort to save costs,the use of bad glue and line will bring about lash slip.At the same time,the bad glue also causes eyelash stem very hard,which will stab users’ eyes.

Reason : Chemical odors are sent out because the use of chemicals for perm in the process of processing 3D effect.Imagine what will happen if our skin contact with those chemicals every day.

 Problem 4: Date of delivery may be delayed.The agreed delivery date is one month,but actually needs 3 months,which is harmful to clients’ marketing channel.WHY ?

Reason : Delivery time is so long because most eyelashes process is in the North Korea.The raw materials are sent to the North Korea,and are processed in the North Korea.Then semi-finished products will be sent back to China for a long time,Sometimes international political situation is unstable,so that it wil not be shipped for several months.These semi-finished products also need further processing,So the cycle is very long.

However, Qingdao Pusen is Completely Different.

We cooperate with long-term customers.The quality of our 3D Mink Eyelashes is best.The delivery of our products is reliable.There is no basis for empty words.Please look carefully at the advantages of our company.

What kind of techniques are used in our 3D Mink Eyelashes ?

Pure handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes is the only way to make sure quality .Due to the fact the that the diameter mink hair is different,so we can not use semi-automatic machines.

We make 3D Mink Eyelashes by hand.One of our workers can only make ten pairs of eyelashses one day.What we want is quality not quantity.We have to be sure that the eyelashes is symmetrical,looks beautiful,the direction between the lash tip and lash follicles is same,and our eyelash hair amount is controlled certain.

Which Raw Materials Do We Used In Our 3D Mink Eyelashes ?

We use the longest hairs on the tail of a new Siberian mink.The hair peak is long and slender,and is not cut off.There is no lash tip or lash follicle in the same direction

What Improvements Have Been Made In Our Products?

Curl of our 3D Mink Eyelashes is made by the physical treatment and heat treatment .Our 3D Mink Eyelashes does not use any chemical processing,so they don’t have any peculiar smell.This physical treatment is developed through two years of reapeating experiments, the time and temperature are controlled carefully,and eventually achieve the excellent results.

The physical 3D shaping technique is our company core competitiveness and we all have environmental ceretificates.We can confidently say that only our company owns this technology in the world by now.Our company spent a lot of money on this technology.

What is different is bewtten us and other Suppliers ?

Our company put credibility in the first place.From beginning to end,each order sent to the customer are through strict quality audit.We will deliver the goods to the customer without any qiality problems,so that customers are our long-term partners.

We don’t set minimum order quantity.

Many suppliers on the market set the minimum order quantity for 200 pairs of eyelashes and do a one-time customers with bad quality.The customer give in to the temptation of low price,but after purchasing these products they will receieve a lot of customer complaints about bad quality.Loss customers and loss reputation.As we all know,cosmetics are not ordinary products. Only excellent products can bring real beauty and confident for customer.In order to create a strong brand word of mouth,let customers have a very satisfying experience is indispensable.

Below is Our 3D Mink Eyelashes style:

We have a variety of styles.Different eyelashes should be wer in different occasions.

IF you want to know more styles,please click here

Information About Our 3D Mink Eyelashes Designer

Our company’s 3D Mink Eyelashes designer—OSCAR. The amount of our domestic eyelash designer is no more than two.He is one of them.Every year his new style design products are selling hot.

Most of 3D Mink Eyelashes are designed according to the requirements of established-customer.If you become established-customer,you will also enjoy this service.We also find our inspiration in order to create the most sensual of products for customers.

You are lucky to find us. We are also very lucky to show you such a good Mink Lashes .We hope that you can learn more about us and Product characteristics, and to know how our products are different from other suppliers, you are doing eyelash business long time, we know how important it is for customers to choose a good supplier, so we hope that you can try from us , we want grow with you for a long time

Innovation is the core competitiveness of the company, we will continue to design new products, and constantly meet the needs of customers is our eternal purpose


Our 3D Mink Lashes Quality Cetificate

The Design Philosophy Of Our Eyelashes

These four style Mink eyelashes are designed by our highest design CEO, OSCAR. He designs only four new style Mink eyelashes one year only.

This year, the theme of roses is popular. These four models are inspired by roses. It is a series, roses symbolize beauty, fragrance, enthusiasm and love,

ML 3D66 Ashley stands for beauty,ML3D61 Maya stands for fragrance,ML3D22C Kylie stands for enthusiasm,ML3D15 Scarlett stands for love,

So we hope that all women wearing our four eyelashes are as beautiful as roses , fragrance, passion and love

You put these four rose series eyelashes on the market, and the trend of eyelashes in Canada and the United States will be dominated by you in the future.

If you choose these four products,I’m sure you will dominate the eyelash market in the future,just like LILLY LASHES dominated the market through Maimi.We believe that the future market belongs to these four products.


The Feature Of Our Eyelashes

The Softness Of Our Eyelashes.

Our products can use many times,Despite others say they can also use for many times,but actually they can only use twice then the lash hair will slip.After using our products for many times,it will not slip lash hair,and will not produce other problems.It can also be washed with water.After washing and kneading,the lash hair will not slip.The lash can still be in three-dimensional after taking a hairdryer and blowing it dry.

The Degree Of Beauty of Our Mink Eyelashes

Our products are the most popular eyelash on the market.Our 3D Mink Eyelashes are designed by the senior designer.There are a lot of imitations on the market .Those imitations have already laost the design philosophy and beauty of this product,which can only be treat as a waste product.A man of good taste will not purchase it.

The Popularity Of Our Mink Eyelashes

Customers complained with us about the products purchased from other suppliers.The money they earn is not enough for compensation,Later,they find our website through GOOGLE.At the beginning ,they ordered 200 pairs.After one week,they ordered 3000 pairs.And then the next week,they ordered 5000 pairs.Do you think it’s fashionable or not?Do you think it’s selling well or not?

The Style Of  Our Eyelashes Are Constantly Updated

We have a numbers of designers and have a professional design team.They study the trend of beauty fashion every day and find inspiration to create the most popular product,which can offer our company a golden advantage in competition.In this way,we can help customers to make more profits.It’s our duty to do this.

The Channel Of Distribuition And Sale Amount

Our products sale through Europe,America,and many countries around the world.The best-selling is the United States.

The Delivery Guarantee Of Our Eyelash

We have more than 200 workers.We have more than 200 workers.Some popular products have inventory.According to the stocks of certain products you need to delivery.Some common suppliers have no inventory,because they have no confidence in their products.If products with bad quality,remaining stocks will be waste because no one want to buy them.So the factory without inventory is extremely not confident for their own products.This is also one of the method to judge the suppliers is good or not.Of course,if you want to choose excellent supplier,click here.

Our Company Other Service

Our company design eyelashes by customer requirement.If you have any idea or inspiration,you can tell us.Due to the fact that we have our own design team,we can design product whatever you want them to be.We are glad to help you ,so that let your quantity of eyelash sale at the top of market,which make us process a golden advantage.

How to prove that our eyelash is made of really mink hair?

How to prove that our products have good quality?

How to prove that our products are popular in the market?

What are we advantages over our competitors?

Most of our products is sell to aesthetic customers. We want to cooperate with the far-sighted client who holds fashion trend.Our quality and style are our competitive force.


What Can Our 3D Mink Eyelashes Bring To The Eyelash Market?

Stable quality improves the satisfaction of customer experience.Launching new style’s products constantly can lead fashion trend.Short delivery date offer customer a stable passenger source,which can meet the needs of customers better.We strive to cancel the after-sales service,because we make an effort to produce the best products ,so that customers can’t choose fault from us.We are the marker and leader in the eyelash market.

What Can Our 3D Mink Eyelashes Bring To The User?

Our product makes users looks beautiful and has lots of confidence.It can also makes them body health.Then they introduce our products to potential customers and enlarge our brand recognition.Imagine what will happen if you purchase products with low quality?

What can our 3D Mink Eyelashes bring to the wholesaler?

A steady orders build indispensable products for brand.

How Much Is Our 3D Mink Eyelashes?

We should know all eyelash products around the world including different price and different manufactuers.Our final price is $5.This price is equal to the medium price in the wholesale market.We just want the customer have more confidence in promoting our high quality product.And we also hope the client can order hunders of our product.Only when our clients succeed can we become successful.

Our Brand Slogan: Nature is Real Beauty.

Our Business Philosophy: We Keep Trying To Make Customers Satisfied.

How To Contact With  Us

Qingdao Pusen Industrial CO.LTD

Contact Email : Sales@miislashes.com

Address: 1001 Unit 1, Unit 1, Building 7, Dongsheng Garden No. 10 Liaoyang East Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong China

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